Twenty-Five 5-Minute Power Scenes (Scene Study Series)

Script Analysis: “Coco” — Part 1: Scene By Scene Breakdown
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Writer-director Lee Chang-dong explores the formation of a bizarre love triangle, as two young men — one poor and awkward Yoo Ah-in as Lee Jong-su , the other mysterious and charming Steven Yeun as the Americanized Ben — appear to compete for the same free spirited woman Jeon Jong-seo as Hae-mi.

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It tells the story of James St. This morning, they discuss the implications, and Agnes presses Tobias to make a decision regarding the guests. The court is now in session! Note: Larry the doctor briefly interrupts the scene. Here, Stephanie meets Dr. This would be a major capitulation for Eleanor because she is in favor of their oldest son, Richard Lionheart, ascending to the throne. Continue to the end of Scene 4, after Eric autographs her copy of his novel.

Suddenly, as if possessed by her own ghost, Hae-mi decides to take off her shirt and dance against the blue-orange sky. Time stops. Class dissolves. National identities fuzz and overlap as they do along the border nearby.

Scenes 5–6

The universe is destabilized. As the sun sets, a profound darkness comes into focus. Nothing is different, but everything has changed. In the past, some have dismissed Lee as a gifted screenwriter who happens to direct his own work. On their own, neither a teacup, nor a spoon, nor Catherine Keener is all that scary. Together, Jordan Peele turned them into a literal nightmare.

The tension between the two actors here is fraught and palpable, as Kaluuya threads the difference between old trauma and new torture, while Keener responds to him with an ice cold reserve. Her detachment — her abject lack of humanity — is so complete that it assumes a narrative force of its own.

No moment is more chilling for its lack of empathy than the sequence in which the alien Scarlett Johansson witnesses a tragedy while walking along a beach. Two parents are drowning in the rough ocean waters while their baby sits alone on the beach and cries. A swimmer tries to save the couple but when he washes ashore the alien beats him over the head with a rock. The distant imagery and the overwhelming sounds of waves crashing on the shore create a singularly cinematic expression of life without meaning.

Director Barry Jenkins and his extraordinary cast generate powerful suspense around questions of when, and how, the repressed character might find emotional liberation. In the moving climax, the film toys with romanticism as Chiron searches for the only semblance of companionship still available to him through the fog of time. Having experienced a fleeting sexual bond ages ago, the pair rekindle some modicum of companionship as they grapple with a melancholic world that exists out of time.

The movie leaves them in an ambiguous state, but at least for the moment, they have each other.


In the moment, though, it was a thrilling surprise. During the short call, Belfort learns that his personal phone lines have been tapped, and — thanks to the Lemmons — loses all lucidity and the ability to stand. At his house, he finds Donnie on the phone, mumbling over millions.

The molasses-limbed men fight on a kitchen floor, until one must revive the other with mouth-to-mouth.

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Consequently, this exercise is a "muscle-building" workout. The scenes may also be used as part of the actor's reel. Additionally, actors use these scenes for showcasing and for auditioning for agents and managers. The agents often request that actors prepare scenes in addition to monologues, the reason being that uninformed or overzealous actors sometimes direct their monologue performance to the agent, even though the agent is not a character within the monologue.

Doing this immediately creates problems. The agent becomes uncomfortable because he or she has unwittingly been forced to become part of the monologue, and as such, the agent is unable to observe the actor's performance. Notwithstanding the importance of a monologue, only the performance of a scene enables the agent to observe the connectedness between the actors, the specificity of their relationships, and the use of the behavior. Most agents request both a short comedy scene and a dramatic scene. Therefore I present a variety of each for this book, to best express each actor's talent and uniqueness. Lena Harris Beverly Hills, California. Average Review. Write a Review. No films about combat made since would look the way they do without the de-saturated, handheld, blood-splatters-and-all horror of cinema that is this extended sequence: Spielberg and his trusty cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski, following a terrible march up a beach, bullets and mortars raining down, sand exploding into carnage.

He said no combat movie would have ever been like it. I knew immediately that our job as actors would be to behave and react in the actual physical moment, that we would be trained accordingly over time, and that anything that happened on-screen would be as it should. My rank as captain mattered in training.

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I had some responsibility and some luxury my own tent! We all had our moments in the movie and rooted for each other. When I first saw the completed sequence, I wept. The landing, from the boats to the top of the bluff, was just too horrible to watch without becoming undone.

15 Moments That Made The Sopranos The Greatest Show Of All Time

People see that landing sequence as a seminal 20 minutes, not just in the history of war movies, but in all of cinema. Was it the opening scene, with Trinity Carrie-Anne Moss battling policemen using a wicked floating kick? Was it the hallway gun battle? I threw myself back, did the choreography—everyone was really excited hearing the camera shutters. Then, of course, in Wachowski fashion, we did it a whole bunch more, looking for super-perfect. You see them moving a camera like that now during football games. Arguably the first film largely marketed on the Internet, this tiny indie-horror film-turned-box office smash and cultural bellwether arrived at the end of the last millennium as a harbinger of things to come.

Heather might have gotten her friends and herself killed by a witch, but she made a lasting contribution to the rest of the world. Once we saw the performance, we knew we had it.

Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 7

She ramped up into it, as you would expect—after she sort of got into the moment and really let it flow, both with her tears and her snot, which was profuse. Those are legit tears. Antiheroes are most certainly not a 21st—or even 20th—century innovation. Arch cultural references became the American pop ethos as of this movie—to say nothing of Bale, a chameleonic force we would be watching for years. Usually, we kept the lighting in the apartment moody—but when it came to filming this scene, I insisted we have all the lights on bright.

In the very last take, there was one of those lucky accidents that make filming worthwhile: Bateman had just finished killing Paul Allen in a frenzy, and he sits down on the couch and lights a cigar. In profile, he looked almost normal—but when you cut to another angle, you saw the bloody side. When it came out, the movie was loved and hated in about equal measure. I think the mixture of black comedy and horror and satire was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and maybe that very nightmarish portrait of society and Wall Street felt more relevant as time went on.

The film, produced in China, starring the internationally known Hong Kong action star Chow Yun-fat, and directed by the Taiwanese and by then widely known in the West Lee, was an old-fashioned wuxia epic, full of the high-flying martial arts that verge on surrealistic fantasy. Crouching Tiger remains unique for ushering in not only broader Western awareness of this time-honored Hong Kong movie genre, but particularly a mainstream American interest in foreign-language cinema. One that was even bigger than the foreign art-house boom that took American cinemas by storm in the midth century.

Any one part of that equation would be a nonstarter for the local megaplex. Yet this consummately produced, gorgeous first-act fight explains exactly how Crouching Tiger came to be such a success. Her presence alone is moving, a humbling testament to the merging of East and West that this film would come to embody. I planned everything; everything worked against me. Even the weather. A lot of it was shot in the desert, it was really tough.

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Twenty-five 5-Minute Power Scenes an invaluable tool for the developing actor to hone his or her dramatic skills Lena Harris, award-winning actor and. Lena Harris, award-winning actor and renowned acting coach, has written these twenty-five original scenes for two to four persons to both train developing.

The movie industry was not like today. People are not trained.

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To start something new, that was ambitious work. Crouching Tiger was meant to be a mainstream Chinese movie, but it hit so big here, even bigger than over there. That was unexpected. Every movie has its fate: sometimes it hits, sometimes you hit the wrong time. That one just took off. With his famous, furious rant as corrupt L.