This Is It, Michael Shayne (Michael Shayne, Book 19)

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Michael Shayne - Ep 37 Body by the Piano.

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Jun 25, Jul 2, Michael Shayne - Ep 39 Gossip Writer. Jul 9, Jul 16, Jul 23, Michael Shayne - Ep 42 Museum Thefts. Jul 30, Michael Shayne - Ep 43 Missing Body. Aug 6, Aug 13, Aug 20, Aug 27, Michael Shayne - Ep 47 Signed, Rem. Sep 3, Sep 10, Sep 17, Sep 24, Michael Shayne - Ep 05 Return to Huxley. Nov 5, Michael Shayne - Ep 06 Poisoned Fan.

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Nov 12, Michael Shayne xx-xx - The Body in the Trunk. Jan 14, Jul 15, Michael Shayne - 05 Case of the Hunted Bride.

Michael Shayne - This is it Michael Shayne (1960) Detective TV series

Jul 22, Jul 29, Michael Shayne - 07 Case of the Phantom Gun. Michael Shayne - 10 Case of the Generous Killer. Sep 4, Michael Shayne - 11 Case of the Model Murder. Following the eponymous detective, it was a series that was created in the late s, and was very much of its time. With Shayne as its lead, it was a serialized detective franchise, and one which would utilize many of the tropes of the genre, setting the template for years to come.

This is it, Michael Shayne

This would set a standard in detective fiction that is still replicated to this very day, as many continue to discover this series and all that it has to offer. With over fifty books published in the series under his own name, along with a collection of ghostwriters being used too, the series would later carry on totalling at seventy-seven, with a variety of different authors writing for the franchise.

Throughout the course of its run it would also be made into a collection of large-scale Hollywood productions too, along with a sixties television series and a serialized radio drama too. This has ensured that a legacy has been left behind quite unlike any other, with many looking to it as one of the leaders of the detective genre as a whole.

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  • This is It, Michael Shayne.
  • Michael Shayne.

Originally coming out in , this would be the first title in the ongoing series of Michael Shayne novels, as it would set up the franchise as a whole. Establishing the central character and his world, it would go on to be republished in through the Dell Publishing label. Marking a milestone in detective genre fiction, this would definitely become a hallmark for many fans of the genre and format. This was one of the books that would set the template for detective fiction for many years to come, with many of the popular ideas and themes in place here.

With its use of locations to, it really excels in creating a stylized sense of atmosphere and ambiance throughout the story. Hiring Michael Shayne to watch her, the young and beautiful Phyllis Brighton asks Shayne that he watch her lest she attempts to kill her own mother. This leads Shayne to believe that all may not be as it initially seems at the Brighton mansion, and that he might be in over his head.

As they both attempt to convince Shayne that Phyllis is an extremely sick girl, it would appear that Shayne has ideas of his own. Just who has a dividend on death? Brought out in through the Dell publishing house, this would continue on directly from the previous title in the series. Marking the second book in the ongoing Michael Shayne series, it manages to carry on in much the same vein as before. With many of the same characters returning once again too, it really manages to capture a lot of what made the first book work so well, whilst also taking it in new and exciting directions.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the best of the tough sleuths.” —The New York Times Framed in Blood (The Mike Shayne Mysteries Book 19). Brett Halliday. Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the best of the tough sleuths.” —The New York Times This Is It, Michael Shayne (The Mike Shayne Mysteries Book 18).

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From back of the book: "Three unsigned valentines… More. Shelve The Careless Corpse. Pay-Off in Blood by Brett Halliday. A desperate doctor hires Mike Shayne for a case t… More. Shelve Pay-Off in Blood. Murder by Proxy by Brett Halliday. A beautiful woman vanishes while on vacation in M… More.

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