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They feature informative articles or in-depth guides that can generate traffic and links. Make sure that the content is relevant to your business and has the potential to rank for a worthwhile search term.

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Use Google Trends, or the AdWords keyword planner to find popular topics related to your industry and provide useful, shareable content on your platform to attract links. Below is a snapshot of one of their resource pages for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , a relevant resource guide considering they provide comparisons on mobile phone plans:.

Another way you can build links to your site is to provide an embeddable widget to other websites. Something of value that these websites would naturally want to use on their site. Dimmi is a restaurant reservation and comparison website that provides restaurants with an easy-to-install widget for their website so that customers can make restaurant reservations in a few simple clicks. The widget is then synced to an internal reporting system where the restaurant owner or manager can keep up to date with table bookings.

Here is the widget in action on the website for a restaurant called Ester :. Not only does user-generated content help you understand your customers better, but it can also boost your image and trustworthiness. TripAdvisor is without a doubt the best example of this when it comes to comparison websites. Not only do they have an in-depth customer review system, but they also have a question and answer platform for every restaurant, location, or holiday rental on their website. This produces an enormous amount of valuable, and searchable content for Google to take notice of:.

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The footer on your website is like a second menu bar people will use to navigate your content. So, if you have something you want them to see, be sure to link to it in this section. The beauty of the footer bar is that it shows up on every page but it is non-intrusive. So if you have key pages on your website you want to rank for, giving them this kind of prominence from an internal linking perspective, without crowding the top half of the screen and ruining user experience, is gold.

Make sure that the footer has a friendly design and is easy to read. The last thing you want is to cram hundreds of links into a small section that is impossible to read. These six tips, and the examples of great SEO tactics from comparison and review websites, are the perfect starting point for your new and improved SEO strategy. Click here to find experts on search engine optimization SEO.

Join over 25 million other readers that have been educated and inspired to transform their life and business. Nital Shah. How do you possibly compete with much bigger brands who have sizeable SEO budgets? Secret 1: Create landing pages for different locations Location plays a vital role in customizing your website content and SEO efforts.

Secret 3: Build definitive resource pages to attract links Content, as we all know, can attract links.

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One is in your sphere of expertise and another on the human condition. I admire people who are trying to make the world better. The first thing I wanted to point out was how technical he was, his technical ability, how cutting edge some of the concepts he brought to the table were, the observations that he had. We were facing a lot of technical challenges at the time, and he was really efficient in diagnosing those problems, pointing those out, and giving us a clear path to remedy those problems.

He is also very creative in the solutions he came up with. He thought holistically about problems, not just improving the site structure, how things rendered, the conventional stuff.

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He was super creative in putting out content that was super shareable, actionable, and clickable. The other thing that I would point out was that he was unabashedly, unapologetically white hat.

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Absolutely no reservations and would be eager to work with him again in the future. Anyone else who has the same content is considered someone that copied it or shared it, no matter their numbers. There are lots of essentials to discuss and juggle, and I will distill the information in plain English. Michael Morgan rated it it was ok Aug 12, Three letters to know if you want your content found. No trivia or quizzes yet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

So many companies I feel like and ours was no different try to come up with short-term solutions to complicated problems — he would never let us do that. Everything that he conceived of was very thorough and meant to be sustainable. In terms of ROI, it was a sizable investment for us at the time but absolutely worth every penny. He gave us a roadmap that we were working on for years after that engagement ended and again it was complete.

So in summary, I recommend Stephan Spencer wholeheartedly. Absolutely no reservations and would be eager to work with him again in the future. Read More Read less. That, along with his expert assistance in creating a more authoritative link profile, was pivotal in successfully resolving a manual action and setting us up for long-term success in Google. Under his guidance, we re-engineered our online business on a level that was far superior to what we could have accomplished alone.

It was well worth the investment.

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I recommend Stephan without reservation. Stephan is a frequent speaker on the topics of search engine optimization, internet marketing, content marketing, entrepreneurship and productivity in high-profile conferences such as Tony Robbins Business Mastery, Shop. He consistently garners high marks in feedback from attendees.

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