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Written by Elliott Neff. Recommended by Elliott Neff. Written by Christopher Chabris. Recommended by Christopher Chabris. Recommended by Cristobal Cervino. Recommended by NM Alex King.

The Chess Tutor using the Steps Method. Chess Notes by Edward Winter.

Recommended by GM Michael Rohde. Forcing Chess Moves on Chessable. Recommended by Carsten Hensel. Recommended by IM Mark Dvoretsky. Recommended by GM Johann Hjartarson. Written by GM Joel Benjamin.

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Recommended by GM Joel Benjamin. Written by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. Recommended by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. Recommended by IM Tania Sachdev. Written by GM Mauricio Flores. Recommended by GM Mauricio Flores. Recommended by NM Michael Aigner. Written by GM Jacob Aagaard. Recommended by GM Jacob Aagaard. Recommended by GM-elect Michael Brown. Written by GM Michal Krasenkow.

Learn from Michal Krasenkow.

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Recommended by GM Michal Krasenkow. Written by IM Herman Grooten. Written by GM Alex Colovic. Recommended by GM Alex Colovic. See them here. Written by GM Gata Kamsky. Recommended by Philadelphia Chess Society. Emails usually are sent on Tuesdays on a weekly basis. Take me to the latest episode.

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Opening Repertoire: Nimzo and Bogo Indian. The Road to Chess Improvement.

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The Mammoth Book of Chess. Smerdon's Scandinavian. Perfect Your Chess. Chess for Tigers By Simon Webb. Because they have won awards, so they are not junk in any way. You know, like Oscars? Dude, everybody knows the oscars are shit! Advice about the whole series has been really uneven, but there were so many flawed analysis and historical inaccuracies in the first volume that he even got Dvoretsky founder of some of the flaws to join him for the next volumes.

Just a remark on a side — I know players who barely read chess books and they still can play on a master level. Different people have different learning styles. I feel I have been helped immensely by books.

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I have friends that became very good players just playing. Yes, but I bet he has more money than you. Many non-professional chess masters are pretty much stuck financially unless they apply their knowledge of chess more to real life than the 64 squares. Your friend mastered a different kind of chess.

Ask him if he wants to be a sponsor for chess tournaments. Dvoretsky — secrets of chess training Dvoretsky — endgame manual Silman — complete endgame course Silman — reasses your chess D. Lemoir — How to become a deadly chess tactician Mark Buckley — practical chess analyse Jonathan Tissdall — improve your chess now. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess 2. My 60 Memorable Games 3. Chess the Easy Way R. Fine 5.

Secrets of Rook Endings Nunn 6. Achieving the Aim Botvinnik 7. A Primer of Chess Capablanca 8. Masters of the Chessboard Reti 9.

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Computer Chess 1 and 2 Welsh and Baczynskij Inside Deep Blue Hsu. Khowar English Dictionary Sams first attempt at picking up desert women. He got lucky with one and a three legged camel. Jeremy Silman is going to radically alter his book Reassess Your Chess, fixing many of its problems some of which stem from lack of computer checking. There are several reasons for doing this: the endgame chapter is useless and never belonged in HTRYC in the first place.

Now what do you do? To practice simple forks and skewers use an exercise that I call the Concentric Square. Begin by placing the black king on d5 and a black rook on d4.

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Now sequentially place the white queen on every square where it safely forks or skewers the black king and rook. Once you have determined that there are no such squares move the rook in a square around the king squares e4, e5, e6, d6, c6, c5, and c4 and look for forks and skewers. When you find such a square physically lift up the white queen and place it on the square.

Involving your body in this process is critical because it helps to cement the connection between the position and the key square. The only book I know that concisely makes a smooth transition from beginner to advanced strategy is An Invitation to Chess , by Irving Chernev and Kenneth Harkness. Suitable for ages and up. Here are some books about the cultural and fun side of chess, as opposed to instructional books and best-games collections:.

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And finally I may as well mention the beguiling book that probably did the most to keep me from becoming a GM:. Susan, It would be so interesting if you wrote about the books you have studied once in a while. Ha, ha, Anon AM. Very good, very good. I have not read many of the books of the last 20 years, so mine will mainly be an older selection. Gaige has never received due recognition for these. Does anybody know if he is still alive? Chock full of errors. Alekhine 18th best ever?? That alone is a warning bell that something is suspect. Generally anything by Botvinnik, Keres and Reshevsky is very good. Reshevsky in particular seems to have a positional understanding of chess. His follow-up effort was not as good.