Living to give : a prophetic word for Christians finances

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Ezekiel 2 The righteous are rewarded for their faithfulness. Galatians Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.

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Prophetic Word: New Power and Greater Understanding

This site uses cookies: Find out more. Help me now that I needs you most, increase my investment, my business and my finaices so I can meet up my responsiblity through Christ our Lord, Amen. My Lord, You know my strengths and weaknesses,my struggles, and all that I face. I come to You with an open mind and heart ready for Your guidance. You know the miracles I need You to perform for us to sustain. Rain down Your blessings on my household.

In Your Name,Amen. Help me out of my financial constraints as i struggle to live. My God is good and his mercies endures foreve. In jesus name amen.

Prayer for a financial blessing

things and customizing same ebook living to give followers and Documents At the Religious series, today needs also indicating and the substance for. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Living to give: a prophetic word for Christians' finances file PDF Book only if you .

We thank You Lord for financial breakthrough, for protecting us with Your precious blood even in times we are not aware. We thank You Lord for our pastors lead them so that they can be able to lead us also. I always hunger and thirst after You,and Your righteousness. I pray that today,for my financial breakthrough in my lives. I thank you to give me wisdom and away out to manage my finances.

Dear God,I ask You today,help me to remember that as I am blessed. So today I declare that , My Financial Breakthrough is here. Dear Father, I pray for a financial breakthrough! I pray for peace and rest for my parents.. I know they are trying their hardest! My time will come! But with the time being I will continue to pray, worship and glorify your name! God is an on time god. Be blessed today in his word.

Bible Prophecy Explained - Jesus Christ and End Times

Lord in that wonderful name of Jesus help me to over come the financial burden and continue to take care of all the problems that the evil one is trying put my way and get in my mind Lord father in the name Jesus continue to help me fight the fight to accomplish the plan that in-store for me In Jesus name I Pray Amen. I praise You my dear Father in Heaven.

I pray that today for my financial breakthrough in my lives. I know that everything will be alright. If my dear Lord Jesus be with me,stay in my heart and guide my every step in everything I do,in my everyday life. Amen Dear God,I ask that today,please continue to teach me and guide me in everything I do. Bless me to forgive and help me to remember that,as I am bless,I should bless others as well. I just want to be that person God created me to be.

Thank you Lord,to bless me and strengthens me,so that I am not fear to start my day.

The simple truth about How to Give & Receive a prophetic word

Father in Heaven I thank you for another day, and all the Blessings, trials and opportunities you have given me. I ask that you continue to teach me and guide me to the destiny that is declared in your word. To have potential venture collaboration with my Pet Transport Business. Thank you Father in Heaven!

I have finally found you glorious father, through prayers and reading the scriptures as well as listening to your words through pastors daily. I thankyou for all the blessings recieved and the blessings on the way. I trust in you lord Jesus Christ And give you all my financial worries and trust that you will grant me favour with a financial breakthrough.

Please help me not be anxious and patient I want to bless others please use me to help others for you are a miracle merciful God who listens to his children. I love you.

I Debra B. Hubert praying and trusting Jehovah Jireh for a job.. I thank God for the many blessings he has done in my life battling breast cancer where i almost lost my life and for the many other blessings including my two sons and loved ones. Lord i come to you praying for a financial miracle to get out of debts and pay my bills. Father i know that you can supply all my needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. My Heavenly Father am praying for a financial breakthrough. The good lord up above does do miracles and graces and favors with Mother Mary And all the saints and angels and all his 12 apostles.

So keep praying you will see signs of everything I am living proof. So even today I am asking for more miracles and graces and favors every day of my life, days a year, 12 months and 52 weeks a year, to please continue to help me every day and stay by my side and continue to do favors and miracles and graces for the next 50 years.

Prophecy 1 - Nebuchadnezzer's dream

A real believer. Thank you grazie merci Miss Angela, Canada. Thanks be to God the Almighty who always supply our needs according to His riches in Glory,I believe and declare that God is not deaf He heard our prayers and is giving us what we asked for now. In Him I live and find my being. This prayer has made me to love ,to depend and to trust God more than before.

Prophetic Word About Your Finances - From His Presence®

God is good. Thanks be to God my Heavenly Father as I declare that He is with me in my financial distress and He is giving me financial breakthrough now to be able to pay my debts and keep on supporting the servants of God in preaching the Gospel to the poor. The devil is a liar ,in Christ Jesus I am rich. Thanks as I declare my financial breakthrough, pls help me to be wise in my finances and not to let money distract us fr serving you as we are blessed help us to bless others in Jesus name we praise your magnificent name Amen. In Jesus Christ Name I pray.

Supernatural God, I really need your help and wisdom to manage the Money you have provide me. Help me to use it wisely accordingly to your will. So that I can have financial breakthrough.

Even if you don’t see it yet, your faith will win the day.

Thank u guys n I just pray that God does miracles in my life which I know he with n just show me n never stop being there for me. Amen and God bless. Thank you lord for the knowledge of you. Thank you for I know even in this really tough time, you are here with me. Thank you for your provision and comfort and assurance for all I have to do is keep in faith and watch it all manifest. Thank you lord for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will never fail and you have the best plans for me. May your will forever be done in my life, may I continue to be yours.