In the Balance (Worldwar Tetralogy, Book 1)

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City after city explodes in radioactive firestorms, and fears grow as worldwide resources disappear.

Will there be any world left for the invaders to conquer, or for the uneasy allies to defend? While Mao Tse-tung wages a desperate guerrilla war and Hitler drives his country toward self-destruction, United States forces frantically try to stop the enemy's push from coast to coast. Yet in this battle to stave off world domination, unless the once-great military powers take the risk of annihilating the human race, they'll risk losing the war.

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The Worldwar series is the fan name given to a series of alternate history science fiction novels by Harry Turtledove. Its premise is an alien invasion of Earth during World War II, and includes Turtledove's Worldwar tetralogy; as well as the Colonization trilogy; and the novel Worldwar: In the Balance (); Worldwar: Tilting the Balance (). Worldwar: In the Balance is an alternate history novel by American writer Harry It is the first novel of the Worldwar tetralogy, as well as the first installment in the Elsewhere in Ukraine, Major Heinrich J├Ąger manages to destroy one of the.

Machines soared through the air, churned through the seas, crawled across the surface, pushing ever forward, carrying death. Main Page Worldwar: Striking the Balance.

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Worldwar: Striking the Balance. Die Ringer Des Euthymides.

  • Worldwar: In the Balance.
  • Worldwar: In the Balance Bk. 1 by Harry Turtledove (1994, Hardcover)!
  • In the Balance (Worldwar, #1) by Harry Turtledove.

Robin Hood. Epigrams: v.

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World War II: The Alien Front (Part 2)

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