Computational fluid dynamics

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In some cases, simulation can even replace the need for physical testing, altogether. Role of CFD in engineering One of the foremost expectations of today's product driven companies is that they bring high value-added products that meet customer's needs to the market quickly.

Thermo-fluid analysis software is indispensable for "Front-loading" product development to ensure the best product concepts are identified early in the design process. Design quality will be improved during the conceptual design phase by conducting basic studies of fluid and thermal phenomena that directly affect product performance.

Computational fluid dynamics

During the detailed design phase, simulations are conducted under conditions similar to what the actual product will experience. From this work, design engineers can understand the source of problems that limit performance and investigate alternate design solutions before production begins. Multiphase analysis allows for simulation using free surface, particle tracking, and volume of fluid. Application using multiphase include particle deposition, effect of waves on ships, effect of gasoline tank shaking.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Discontinuous and overset mesh allow for various methods to simulate moving objects. Discontinuous mesh makes it possible to analyze a combination of rotation and translation such as a piston pump, or shear forces during application of a disk brake.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve problems that involve. With the rise of computers and ever-growing computational power (thanks to Moore's law!), the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics became a commonly.

Overset mesh incorporates a stationary and moving mesh. Applications with deformation, rotation, or multiple moving regions can be simulated using this approach. Examples using overset mesh include, a gear pump or opening and closing of an engine port valve.

A density-based solver keeps the calculation stable during high Mach number simulations. Depending on the objective, either solver can be specified for the analysis. CFD is capable of considering all three modes of heat transfer.

Incompressible Turbulent Flows

In addition to natural and forced convection, radiation can be solved using either the flux or view factor method. With view factor reflection, transmission, and refraction can be considered. In boiling can be predicted for a fluid by considering the nucleate boiling coefficient.

Sound caused by pressure oscillation of fluid, such as wind noise, and sound caused by resonance can be predicted using Large Eddy Simulation LES and a weak compressible flow model. A Fast Fourier Transform calculation can be used within the software to predict the frequency of noise.

Using previous simulation results, Optimus for Cradle can be used to search for an optimal design. Multiple design variables and multiple design objectives can be considered using a genetic algorithm.

Incompressible Turbulent Flows

Computational Fluid Dynamics. Utilizing CFD software has become an indispensable tool in reducing development costs by enabling users to quickly handle more realistic geometries and physics. Multiphase Analysis Multiphase analysis allows for simulation using free surface, particle tracking, and volume of fluid.

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Mentor CFD delivers fluid flow and heat transfer simulation solutions that are used to optimize a design created with CAD. By frontloading CFD simulation early in the design process, you can uncover problems faster, speed time-to-market and significantly reduce product development overhead. Video Optimize heatsinks, perform transient analysis, calibrate detailed thermal models, and more. Generate reliable, accurate thermal models of IC components, test boards, standard test harnesses and other associated parts 20 times faster on the cloud than conventional approaches.

Thousands of companies are shortening their design cycles and increasing productivity by frontloading CFD — a practice where CFD is conducted early during the design process. We debunk 10 popular excuses to avoid using general-purpose CFD software to solve Navier-Stokes equations, and how it can improve product design in everything from swimming pools to production printing systems to oil filters. This eBook covers the historical context which led to the creation of Internal Flow Systems.