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Reflections on Paris: thoughts towards a critical approach to climate law

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Climate Change (Writing the Critical Essay: An Opposing Viewpoints Guide) [ Lauri S. Friedman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents. Buy Climate Change (Writing the Critical Essay: An Opposing Viewpoints Guide ( Gvrl)) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

How Do I Information For Library Information For This book offers a detailed analysis of the very intelligent and well-tested strategies that were being used against scientists like myself to deliberately call into question our credibility and muddy the waters on climate change. Reading this book in between fielding media calls and deleting hateful emails, I realized that I feel like a girl scout fighting the Marines, or the Polish cavalry trying to face down the Nazi tanks.

They have a whole arsenal of tricks that I know nothing about. Collaboration, listening, and, most of all, mutual respect are essential to strong professional relationships. When life gets busy, the biggest temptation is to put my head down and focus only on what matters to me—but deliberately prioritizing the space and time to talk, listen, brainstorm new ideas, and plan together is key.

Having a mentor in your life is essential. Do it today! Treat them like The Rock.

Reflections on Paris: thoughts towards a critical approach to climate law - Persée

I wish people would stop telling me… not to politicize the science. Everyone should own… their life experiences. Our struggles and challenges, successes and failures, our warts and blemishes and beauty spots are what make us unique and different from every single one of the other 7 billion people on this planet.

Own them. The ideas are there but there is no cultural or political imperative and individuals and communities are largely not aware enough of the problem to be mobilizing towards this aim. I suspect the salience of more extreme weather events might catalyse this process in different regions and at different times ,however by then it could already be too late. Even without the possibility of the methane [end-of] time-bomb, there is the albedo effect to contend with. This process could trigger a cascade of feedback loops in the global carbon cycle across land and ocean.

There are dozens of positive feedback loops out there that are a huge cause for concern — the albdeo, water vapour and forest fires being some key suspects for what may unfold. What is of greater concern is that the tipping points triggering abrupt change are difficult to anticipate with current climate models. The risk is still there. This risk alone should be making the world respond but the precautionary principle is lost on most governments.

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So once again, I want to feel optimistic that we can change paths but it seems the path dependence and cultural inertia is not on our side at present. It makes most practical sense to me to at least prepare for multiple scenarios. Be systematically prepared and resilient to endure the worst yet also mobilize towards the most regenerative state.

Individual responsibility and accountability focused on your necessaries and not your wants. Effective support with market fees instead of taxes with national dividends distribution for social justice and participatory democracy. Repurposing our military for homeland Defense needs. A new project for our military to function in a war for planetary survival.

Instead of costly interventions and illegal wars they are to serve a major supporting role for climate resiliency at home with deployment into their own communities with new conservation battalions. I have not yet been able to read your article but I understand that I am mentioned in it Please send a link Best wishes Peter Wadhams.

After reading a version of the paper Professor Wadhams corrected a mistake in citing his conclusions on the reduction of the Arctic albedo effect. It doesnt mean dropping efforts to cut emissions, to sequester carbon or cautiously and transparently explore geoengineering. But I keep evaluating this possibility and keep coming back to the fundamental and quantitatively convincing case: We have built a life of growth and prosperity based on finite and soon-to-max-out resources with no equal replacement in sight.

This is uncharted territory, and the fact that generations have experienced the fossil-fueled upswing holds no predictive power over our future. Just because growth has been thematic does not mean it will always be there. The failure of most people to treat this possibility seriously is disheartening, because it prevents meaningful planning for a different future. We can all hope for new technologies to help us. But this problem is too big to rely on hope alone, and in any case, no practical technology can keep growth going indefinitely.

In my lifetime human population has more than doubled, from 3. I emailed you earlier just after reading your very informative paper. Radical climate change is just one of the many Horsepersons of the Apocalypse that late capitalism is gracing us all with. Planning a sanctuary deep in the backwoods — surveying the health of the forest in a mile radius on foot, and beginning to get to know the few people already living there.

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People are SO cut off from nature that NO ONE goes there, even over Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and even though it is only miles from a major city and miles from a megopolis. Would like to involve younger people who will have kids — i.

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A question for Jem Bendell: As readers already know, the mid-latitude storm tracks are shifting poleward, and the jet streams often weakening badly, moving erratically, or even nearly stopping altogether due to polar warming. Due to this, most climate models predict Oregon and northern California becoming drier. The permanent high creating the Baja-Sonora desert is shifting north. But one climate model predicts northern CA getting the same average precipitation as now with MORE variation year to year due to occasional atmospheric rivers in our wet season originating around Hawaii.

More evaporation and energy in the tropics from warming would generate these. What is your take on this? The bad decisions were made long ago, now the bill is coming due. Many thanks for publishing your paper. I can say no more.. But if we have, no amount of adaptation will matter. The signposts set out by science and journalism mark this road and for a while longer it is optional. Those that take it become virtual if not physical migrants, leaving behind the society of our birth which is now defined various forms of denial. In this new country, can we let ourselves be awkward in learning its native language? For those that do, there may be new work, new friendships, and a very different story, one we may barely recognize, one that may demand that we shred our passports and yet remain ambassadors.


Each of us will decide how to navigate this foreign land, but as fellow travelers, we can help each other. This life has never been certain.