Adsorption on and Surface Chemistry of Hydroxyapatite

Reusable hydroxyapatite nanocrystal sensors for protein adsorption
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Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong. Try again? Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Supplementary information PDF K. Article type: Paper. DOI: Download Citation: Phys. Computer simulations of the adsorption of an N-terminal peptide of statherin, SN15, and its mutants on hydroxyapatite surfaces M. Luo, Y. Gao, S. Yang, X. Quan, D.

Sun, K. Liang, J. Computer simulation of biomolecule—biomaterial interactions at surfaces and interfaces. Emami, F.

The surface chemistry of bone mineral and related calcium phosphates.

Rovensky, Y. Behavior of fibro blast-like cells on grooved surfaces. Cell Res. Chaubey, A. Surface patterning: tool to modulate stem cell differentiation in an adipose system. B 84B , 70—78 Yim, E.

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Hydroxyapatite is the structural prototype of the main inorganic constituent of bone The adsorption characteristics and surface chemistry of hydroxyapatite are. Adsorption on and surface chemistry of hydroxyapatite, Dwarika N. Misra, Ed., Plenum, New York , pp. Price: $ Hans‐G. Elias. Central Research .

Synthetic nanostructures inducing differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into neuronal lineage. He, Y.

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Preparation of hydroxyapatite micropatterns for the study of cell-biomaterial interactions. B 2 , — Henry, M. Roles of hydroxyapatite allocation and microgroove dimension in promoting preosteoblastic cell functions on photocured polymer nanocomposites through nuclear distribution and alignment. Langmuir 31 , — Wang, Z. Fabrication of micro-grooved patterns on hydroxyapatite ceramics and observation of earlier response of osteoblasts to the patterns. Lu, X. Comparison of the osteoblast and myoblast behavior on hydroxyapatite microgrooves.

Part B 90B , — Iwamoto, T. Effect of hydroxyapatite surface morphology on cell adhesion. Wu, F. Self-setting bioactive calcium-magnesium phosphate cement with high strength and degradability for bone regeneration. Acta Biomater. Jouve, J. Reimplantation of growth plate chondrocyte cultures in central growth plate defects: Part I.

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Characterization of cultures. Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics Part B 7 , — Kasaj, A. Human periodontal ligament fibroblasts stimulated by nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite paste or enamel matrix derivative. An in vitro assessment of PDL attachment, migration, and proliferation. Oral Invest. Webster, T.

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Specific proteins mediate enhanced osteoblast nanophase ceramics. Zhu, W. Blood Sub.

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Hogan, B. Bone morphogenetic proteins: multifunctional regulators of vertebrate development. Luo, G. BMP-7 is an inducer of nephrogenesis, and is also required for eye development and skeletal patterning. Schwarting, T. Bone morphogenetic protein 7 BMP-7 influences tendon-bone integration in vitro. Plos One 10 , 1—17 Cheng, H. Osteogenic activity of the fourteen types of human bone morphogenetic proteins BMPs. Joint Surg. Tasnim, F. Effects of bone morphogenetic proteins on primary human renal cells and the generation of bone morphogenetic proteinexpressing cells for application in bioartificial kidneys.

Langmuir 19 , — Dong, X. Behavior regulation of adsorbed proteins via hydroxyapatite surface texture control. B , — Feng, B. Hard Tissue Biol. Kim, H. Osteogenesis induced by a bone forming peptide from the prodomain region of BMP Biomaterials 33 , — Tao, H. Acs Appl. Zhang, H. Molecular dynamics simulations on the interaction between polymers and hydroxyapatite with and without coupling agents.

Wang, Y. Theoretical study of bone sialoprotein in bone biomineralization. Cells Tissues Organs , — Xin, R. In situ TEM examinations of octacalcium phosphate to hydro xyapatite transformation. Growth , — Phillips, J.

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Scalable molecular dynamics with NAMD. Wilson, R. Rietveld refinement of the crystallographic structure of human dental enamel apatites. Nelson, M. NAMD: a parallel, object-oriented molecular dynamics program.

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Yang, Y. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. Article type: Paper. This phenomenon is known as contact guidance and occurs through an important cytoskeletal reorganization that implies changes in the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of the cells Our results showed that the as-synthesized hydroxyapatite crystals had a preferential orientation along the [ 0 0 1 ] direction.

High Perform C. Bhowmik, R. Molecular dynamics simulation of hydroxyapatite-polyacrylic acid interfaces. Polymer 48 , — Hauptmann, S. Potential energy function for apatites. Oliveira, A. Conformational analysis of aqueous BMP-2 using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. Chen, X. C , — Wang, K. Computer simulation of proteins adsorption on hydroxyapatite surfaces with calcium phosphate ions.